Message by Gao Yan

Chairperson, China Council For The Promotion of International Trade

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On behalf of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, I am pleased to extend my warm congratulations on the launch of the microsite to mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Singapore.

China and Singapore are friendly neighbours with a warm relationship; the peoples of both countries have a special, close bond and two countries also have a thriving partnership in many areas of cooperation. Over the past 30 years, we have witnessed the trade volume surging from US$2.83 billion in 1990 to US$89.94 billion in 2019; we also saw China becoming Singapore’s largest trade partner for seven consecutive years, and Singapore becoming China’s biggest source of foreign investment for seven straight years. We have witnessed the successful establishment and development of three government-to-government projects: the Suzhou Industrial Park, the Tianjin Eco-City, and the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Connectivity Initiative. As a Chinese saying goes, 30 is the age of hitting one’s stride. The partnership between China and Singapore has been fruitful and the future is bright.

The sudden emergence of COVID–19 this year has brought immense challenges not just to public health systems but also economic development worldwide. In the face of severe difficulties, the business communities of both China and Singapore have shown strong solidarity, helping each other and working together to fight against the virus. In June, Singapore became the first among the ASEAN nations to establish a Fast Track with China to facilitate travel for resuming production and work between both countries. And at the critical period of Singapore’s fight against COVID–19, China sent aid resources from Chongqing to Singapore through The New International Land–Sea Trade Corridor via the rail–ocean cold chain, demonstrating the firm friendship between the two countries.

Both China and Singapore are staunch supporters and beneficiaries of globalisation and economic openness. Business communities in both countries also share a common interest in upholding free trade and a multilateral global system. At this historical moment as China and Singapore celebrate the 30th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations, CCPIT is ready to work hand in hand with Business China to steer the enterprises of both countries in joint ventures under the Belt and Road Initiative, and promote the development of The New International Land–Sea Trade Corridorand cooperation of third-party markets. Both organisations also seek to deepen exchange in trade and investment, finance, smart cities, and other key areas, to do our part in building a stable and long-lasting trade partnership between China and Singapore.

We sincerely hope to see greater development in the trade relationship between China and Singapore, and hope the friendship between the peoples of our countries continues to flourish.